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一.listening(一)Listen and choose the correct answer. 听录音,选择正确答案。(每小题1分,共10分) 题目1 Peter ( ). 请听录音选择一项 A. finished work a short time ago B. is still working C. finished work a long time ago 正确答案是finished work a short time ago 题目2 You ( ). 请听录音选择一项 A. can’t smoke in your office, but can smoke in the canteen B. can’t smoke in the canteen, but can smoke in your office C. can’t smoke anywhere 正确答案是can’t smoke in the canteen, but can smoke in your office 题目3 The dog ( ). 请听录音选择一项 A. bit both Mary and Peter B. only bit Mary C. only bit Peter 正确答案是only bit Mary 题目4 The chef ( ) when the speaker saw him. 请听录音选择一项 A. finished making the pizza B. was making the pizza C. was going to make the pizza 正确答案是was making the pizza 题目5 The speaker ( ). 请听录音选择一项 A. is asking a question B. is giving ination C. is offering to do something 正确答案是is asking a question 题目6 The speaker ( ). 请听录音选择一项 A. wants a new job B. will probably get a new job C. has a new job 正确答案是wants a new job 题目7 Peter ( ). 请听录音选择一项 A. doesn’t usually drink beer B. usually drinks beer C. doesn’t normally drink coffee 正确答案是doesn’t usually drink beer 题目8The speaker has worked at the same place for ( ). 请听录音选择一项 A. 37 years B. 24 years C. 13 years 正确答案是13 years 题目9 Sheila ( ). 请听录音选择一项 A. wants Mary to marry that man B. wants to marry that man C. wants to marry the speaker 正确答案是wants to marry that man 题目10 The speaker ( ). 请听录音选择一项 A. doesn’t like coffee, but his wife does B. and his wife both like coffee C. and his wife both dislike coffee 正确答案是and his wife both dislike coffee (二)Listen and choose the correct answer. 听录音并选择正确答案。 题目11 Trevor and Fiona last met ( ).选择一项 A. six years ago B. this month C. six months ago 正确答案是six months ago 题目12 They met at a friend’s ( ).选择一项 A. wedding B. 40th birthday party C. 14th birthday party 正确答案是40th birthday party 题目13 Peter has been married ( ).选择一项 A. four times before B. three times before C. twice before 正确答案是twice before 题目14 Peter is marrying a woman ( ).选择一项 A. who was at his party B. he met on holiday in Turkey C. on holiday from Turkey 正确答案是he met on holiday in Turkey 题目15 Peter met her ( ). 选择一项 A. in Turkey B. in Cambridge C. at work in a hotel 正确答案是in Turkey 题目16 Mandy has met ( ).选择一项 A. Fiona B. neither Fiona nor Trevor C. Trevor 正确答案是Trevor 题目17 Trevor thinks Mandy ( ). 选择一项 A. is probably a bit shy B. is very patient C. is too fat 正确答案是is probably a bit shy 题目18 Mandy has her own ( ). 选择一项 A. horse B. school C. house 正确答案是horse 题目19 Mandy is ( ).选择一项 A. short and slim B. tall and slim C. short and dark 正确答案是tall and slim 题目20 Mandy and Peter ( ) when they will get married. 选择一项 A. have decided B. haven’t decided yet but have an idea about C. haven’t decided yet and have no ideas about 正确答案是haven’t decided yet but have an idea about 题目21 Fiona attended Peter’s ( ). 选择一项 A. first and second weddings B. first wedding C. second wedding 正确答案是first and second weddings 题目22 Andrew was ( ). 选择一项 A. Peter’s father B. Peter’s best man C. a policeman 正确答案是Peter’s best man 题目23 In the accident ( ).选择一项 A. a policeman was hurt B. Peter was hurt C. nobody was hurt 正确答案是nobody was hurt 题目24 Everyone at the church thought the policeman had ( ).选择一项 A. broken his motorcycle B. arrested Peter C. helped Peter 正确答案是arrested Peter 题目25 Jamie is probably Fiona’s ( ).选择一项 A. husband B. boss C. son 正确答案是son Ⅱ.Grammar and Function. 语法与功能。(共25分) (一)Choose the correct answer. 选择合适的词或短语填空。 题目26备选词汇have to must allowed to mustn’t don’t have to 1.I work in a shop, and I 回答 be very polite to the customers. 2.You 回答 smoke in the garage – it’s dangerous. 3.At work we are 回答 have a tea break in the morning and afternoon. 4.It’s my sister’s birthday tomorrow – I 回答get her a card. 5.I’m a teacher, so I 回答 wear a uni at work. 正确答案1. have to 2. mustn’t 3. allowed to 4. must 5. don’t have to(二)Choose the correct answer. 选择正确答案完成句子。(每小题1分,共15分) 题目27 He ( ) me he was leaving on Wednesday. 选择一项 A. tell B. told C. said 正确答案是told 题目28( ) That fire is dangerous.选择一项 A. To stop B. Stopping C. Stop 正确答案是Stop 题目29 I’ve ( ) been to Cairo, but I’d like to go.选择一项 A. ever B. always C. never 正确答案是never 题目30 You are a doctor, ( ) you 选择一项 A. aren’t B. is C. do 正确答案是aren’t 题目31 You ( ) wear a uni at my school; you can wear anything you like. 选择一项 A. mustn’t B. don’t have to C. have to 正确答案是don’t have to 题目32 A I don’t like coffee. B ( ) do I. 选择一项 A. And B. Neither C. So 正确答案是Neither 题目33 She’s the person ( ) runs the IT department. 选择一项 A. which B. who C. what 正确答案是who 题目34 I can’t sit here; this chair is very ( ) .选择一项 A. noncomfortable B. uncomfortable C. discomfortable 正确答案是uncomfortable 题目35 If I had a lot of money, I ( ) buy a boat. 选择一项 A. would B. am C. will 正确答案是would 题目36 He’s lived there ( ) 2001. 选择一项 A. for B. since C. ago 正确答案是since 题目37 I’m very tired – I’ve ( ) finished work.选择一项 A. ever B. yet C. just 正确答案是just 题目38 He ( ) me if I knew the way to the station.选择一项 A. said B. asked C. told 正确答案是asked 题目39 The photo ( ) be of Paris – there’s the Eiffel Tower. 选择一项 A. can’t B. must C. could 正确答案是must 题目40 That is the book ( ) I told you about. 选择一项 A. X B. who C. where 正确答案是X 题目41 China and Canada are ( ) the same size.选择一项 A. over B. under C. about 正确答案是about (三)Read and choose the correct answer. 阅读短文,并选择正确答案填入空内。(每小题0.5分,共5分) 题目42 Mary has 1回答 returned to the USA after studying in England 2回答 three years. She decided to 3回答 at a British university rather than an American 4回答 because her mother is from England and she wanted to 5回答 to know her mother’s family better. She studied English Literature at Goldsmiths’ College, 6回答 is in London. She lived with her grandmother 7回答 she was studying. The college was 8回答 by a friend’s brother who had studied in England for 9回答 MBA. Mary told her friends that she was going to return to Europe to work because she had enjoyed her time in England 10回答 much. 1. A. just B. ever C. already 2. A. at B. since C. for 3. A. studied B. studying C. study 4. A. one B. it C. X 5. A. getting B. get C. got 6. A. which B. where C. what 7. A. during B. while C. as 8. A. recommend B. recommended C. recommending 9. A. his B. her C. X 10. A. as B. not C. so 正确答案(1)A (2)C (3)C (4)A (5)B (6)A (7)B (8)B (9)A (10)C Ⅲ.Reading. 阅读。(共32分) (一)Read and choose the correct answer. 阅读并选择正确答案。(每小题2分,共10分) 题目43 Sales of second-hand motorcycles have increased in Europe.选择一项 A. Doesn’t say. B. Right. C. Wrong. 正确答案是Doesn’t say. 题目44 People are probably buying motorcycles to use instead of cars in cities.选择一项 A. Wrong. B. Right. C. Doesn’t say. 正确答案是Right. 题目45Most of the new motorcycles sold in Europe are Italian.选择一项 A. Wrong. B. Doesn’t say. C. Right. 正确答案是Wrong. 题目46 The British government is passing laws to help motorcycle riders.选择一项 A. Doesn’t say. B. Right. C. Wrong. 正确答案是Doesn’t say. 题目47 In all European countries you have to wear a helmet when you ride a motorcycle. 选择一项 A. Right. B. Wrong. C. Doesn’t say. 正确答案是Wrong. (二)Read the text about Mike and choose the correct answer. 阅读下面关于Mike的短文,并选择正确答案。(每小题2分,共10分) 题目48 If Mike lived on a desert island, he wouldn’t be ( ). 选择一项 A. lonely B. bored or lonely C. bored 正确答案是bored or lonely 题目49 Mike thinks he would ( ).选择一项 A. have enough time to write a novel B. not have enough time to work C. have too much free time 正确答案是have enough time to write a novel 题目50 Mike ( ).选择一项 A. wants to learn how to be a gardener B. works as a gardener C. likes gardening 正确答案是likes gardening 题目51 Mike ( ).选择一项 A. wants to learn how to fish B. hasn’t fished before C. would remember how to fish 正确答案是would remember how to fish 题目52 Mike would ( ). 选择一项 A. miss his family, friends, television and car B. miss his family and friends but not his television or car C. miss his television and car but not his friends or family 正确答案是miss his family and friends but not his television or car (三)Read The text about Katherine and choose the correct answer. 阅读下面关于Katherine的短文,并选择正确答案。(每小题2分,共10分) 题目53 Katherine wants to ( ).选择一项 A. take a break B. work hard for three years C. get a job as soon as possible 正确答案是take a break 题目54 Katherine plans to travel ( ).选择一项 A. for a few months B. until she starts her job C. for a few weeks 正确答案是for a few months 题目55 Katherine ( ).选择一项 A. has a ticket B. was given a ticket C. will buy a ticket 正确答案是has a ticket 题目56 Katherine ( ).选择一项 A. will only visit three countries B. will visit more than three countries C. might visit more than three countries 正确答案是might visit more than three countries 题目57 When she returns, Katherine ( ). 选择一项 A. will have to get a job in a bank B. has a job arranged for her in a bank C. will probably get a job in a bank 正确答案是will probably get a job in a bank Ⅳ.Writing. 写作。(共18分) (一)Complete the sentences. 将每组中的第二个句子补充完整,使其意思与前一句一致。(每空2分,共6分) 题目58 1. The teacher read the exam papers. The exam papers 回答 the teacher. 2. ‘I don’t want a new shirt for my birthday.’ He told me that 回答 3. Peter doesn’t like football. Mary doesn’t like football. Neither 回答 正确答案 1.were read by 2.he didn’t want a new shirt for his birthday 3.Peter nor Mary likes football (二)Complete the email. 根据提示写出Jane发给Tracey的电子邮件中的两段文字。(每段7分,共14分) 题目59 提示Paragraph 1 just started a new job – like it a lot new boss – woman, named Jane get on well with new boss – nicer than old boss new office near home – use the bus 正文 From J.M. Eminsyahoo.com To T.N.Braithwaitesohu.com Cc Subject Hello Hi Tracey How are you 参考答案 Hi Tracey How are you I’ve just started a new job, which I like a lot. My new boss is a woman named Jane. I get on well with her. She’s nicer than my old boss. My new office is near my home, so I use the bus to go to work. 题目60 提示Paragraph 2 new boyfriend – Peter, doctor met at party last month Peter – tall, long brown hair, kind, good sense of humour go to Paris next month – romantic long weekend 正文 From J.M. Eminsyahoo.com To T.N.Braithwaitesohu.com Cc Subject Hello Hi Tracey How are you 参考答案 I’ve also got a new boyfriend. His name is Peter, and he’s a doctor. We met at a party last month. He’s tall with long brown hair. He’s kind and has a good sense of humour. We are going to Paris next month for a romantic long weekend. Talk to you soon. Jane Unit24 第一套试题 窗体顶端 Ⅰ.Listening. 听力。(共8.5分) (一)Listen and put the following questions in order. 听录音,将下列问题按照在录音中出现的顺序重新排列。(每空0.5分,共3分) 备选句 1. How was your weekend 2. When did you get back 3. What did you do in Amsterdam 4. What did you do 5. How was the journey 6. Why did you go there 正确答案 1.How was your weekend 2.What did you do 3.Why did you go there 4.How was the journey 5.What did you do in Amsterdam 6.When did you get back (二)Listen and choose the correct answer. 再听一遍录音,并做选择题。(每空0.5分,共2.5分) 题目2 ( )went to Amsterdam at the weekend. 选择一项 A. David B. David and Jane 正确答案是David 题目3 David got the ticket ( ). 选择一项 A. in a competition B. as a present 正确答案是as a present 题目4 David ate dinner ( ). 选择一项 A. on the train B. when he arrived 正确答案是on the train 题目5 David came back ( ). 选择一项 A. yesterday evening B. very late last night 正确答案是very late last night 题目6 David ( ). 选择一项 A. caught the train B. missed the train 正确答案是missed the train (三)Listen and speak. 下面比较了三种品牌的车,表格中用*来表示程度,*越多表示的程度越高。(每空0.5分,共3分) Example You hear cheap, Sun, Alpha You say The Sun is cheaper than the Alpha. You hear comfortable, Sun You say The Sun is the most comfortable. 题目7答案 The Tiny is the cheapest. 题目8答案 The Alpha is more comfortable than the Tiny. 题目9答案 The Sun is faster than the Tiny. 题目10答案 The Alpha is the fastest. 题目11答案 The Tiny is cheaper than the Alpha. 题目12答案 The Sun is more comfortable than the Alpha. Ⅱ.Vocabulary.词汇(共38分) (一)Put the words into alphabetical order. 按字母表顺序重新排列下列单词。(每空0.5分,共12.5分) 备选词汇 jeans trousers shorts T-shirt shirt skirt dress baseball cap shoes boots trainers sandals jacket suit jumper coat scarf gloves hat tie necklace earrings bracelet ring 题目13正确答案 baseball, boots, bracelet, cap, coat, dress, earrings, gloves, hat, jacket, jeans, jumper, necklace, ring, sandals, scarf, shirt, shoes, shorts, skirt, suit, tie, trainers, trousers,T-shirt (二)Write the opposites. 写出下列形容词的反义词。(每空0.5分,共6分) 题目14 题干 hot 回答 late 回答 cheap 回答 new 回答 wet 回答 sad 回答 usual 回答 safe 回答 tall 回答 loud 回答 fat 回答 easy 回答 正确答案 cold early expensive old dry happy unusual dangerous short quiet thin difficult (三)Write the simple past of each verb. 写出下列规则动词的过去式。(每空0.5分,共11.5分) 正确答案 Regular Simple Past 答案 to stay stayed to want wanted to play played to visit visited to talk talked to finish finished to help helped to enjoy enjoyed to listen listened to arrive arrived to like liked to laugh laughed to ask asked to wait waited to decide decided to answer answered to help helped to agree agreed to watch watched to love loved to try tried to study studied to plan planned (四)Write the simple past of each verb. 写出下列不规则动词的过去式。(每空0.5分,共8分) 题目16正确答案 Irregular Simple Past 答案 to spend spent to get got to have had to do did to be was / were to think thought to see saw to tell told to eat ate to drink drank to go went to meet met to bring brought to come came Can could to know knew Ⅲ.Grammar and Function. 语法与功能。(共42分) (一)Match sports or games with to play, to go or to do. 将下面的运动项目和游戏分别与动词to play, to go 和to do搭配。(每空0.5分,共8.5分) 题目17备选词汇 football baseball swimming jogging golf skiing cricket basketball ice hockey rugby yoga karate aerobics Tai Chi cards chess table tennis chess · Drag answer here skiing · Dr

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